For those who can’t make it to Queens…

I will be taking Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) appointments at this awesome cozy space in Soho on select Monday evenings. Contact me in advance to set up your appointment! (… Besides the energy that I crave from the streets of Soho, you’ll find a warm and peaceful welcome here, just like at Bamboo Moves inContinue reading “For those who can’t make it to Queens…”

Bamboo Moves is our New IET Homie!!!

[Bamboo] Move Yoself! I’ve been practicing at Bamboo Moves Yoga on and off for the last year and have come to love and appreciate this genuine welcoming Forest Hills Yoga Family. This studio helped me overcome my fear of forearm stands! With that said, I am happy to announce that I am now taking IntegratedContinue reading “Bamboo Moves is our New IET Homie!!!”