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Hearing from others who have experienced Yoga, IET & Reiki with me can help to give you some insight in case you are wondering about starting a Yoga practice or getting your first energy session! Hope these are helpful!

*Thanks to all who are open with their minds and hearts. Your trust is a great gift to me.


9 thoughts on “Your Feedback

  1. Being a mother of a 5 year old and 2 year old doesn’t leave me with much “me” time; but teaming up with Grace has allowed me just what I need to reset every week. I benefit so much from her yoga classes that I walk out a new person…a better mother even. I’m balanced, focused and more patient. Her classes allow me to love myself and my well being…mind, body and soul. Her teachings and positive energy shine on me. She’s a remarkable teacher and always leaves you on a positive note.

    Grace’s positive energy expands to her IET practice as well. When you think it’s all too much or need that extra support, she’s there to heal you through her IET practice. She can literally lift your spirits and allow the negativity in your heart to drift away. If ever there was one person you can count on to balance your life and emotions and just make everyday life a little lighter she’s definitely someone that can help!

  2. There are so many benefits to yoga, and by becoming one of Grace’s students I’ve deepened my understanding of those benefits and have begun to see the 360 degrees of yoga. It’s a process, but that’s something that I love about practicing: you’re always learning something new – even in the basic poses and in the simple act of breathing.
    When you’re practicing yoga, you’re focused on yoga and very little else. I try to carry that mentality through to other areas of my life and just do one thing at a time. This keeps me from getting overwhelmed. The world is chaotic! We can’t control that, but we can control how we react to it. To me, that’s yoga. Of course, I still have a long way to go before I’m fully living this yogic philosophy that I admire so much! (I’ll let you know when I get there!)
    I recently did an IET session with Grace and I found it to be a very gentle way to unearth and lift out some of the negative energy I hold inside. Just like in yoga, where we release the old stuff to make room for the new, making space and letting go are the goals of IET – at least that’s what I take from it. Grace is dedicated and insightful and wants you to be balanced and happy. This is apparent in how she teaches yoga and guides you in energy therapy.

  3. What can I say, Grace has awakened my love for yoga. Her patience and love of the practice shine thru. Prior to my experience with her teachings, I found yoga, dare I say, boring. What I found with Grace was an awakened understanding of the principles behind yoga and a deep commitment to something I knew I could only benefit from. With a hectic schedule and not enough “me” time, one hour with her leaves me ready to tackle the world. I always leave Grace’s class feeling blessed, lighter and happy.
    I recently did an IET session and what I experienced is mind-blowing. It’s hard to describe how much “junk” I carry around, and just like in her yoga teachings, she helped me release the unnecessary and welcome the many blessings life has to offer. I cannot stress enough how life-changing that session was for me. All in all, Grace is amazing and her services are powerful.

  4. As a teacher of middle school children, life is entirely about giving giving and more giving. The mind can easily become so muddled that the body is made to suffer – holding on to stress, tension, and even negative emotions. Luckily, finding yoga and establishing a routine personal practice has helped me strike a healthy balance between mind, body, and spirit. Finding Grace, as a friend, yoga teacher, and healer, has helped me live my yoga off the mat, and helped me become more aware of the mind-body-spirit connection.
    I’m also a Yoga teacher and putting myself in Grace’s hands has sharpened my asana practice. She has strengthened me, and given me the positivity needed to walk out of class feeling like a brand new and better person.
    I have just experienced an IET session with Grace, and felt that it totally helped me release and reflect and rejuvenate.
    I just gave birth to my first child, my daughter Anjali, and having Grace’s healing hands help me release fear and connect to powerful protective energies was eye-opening and very real. I felt warmer, lighter. I swear my now two month old and I both slept the sweetest and deepest uninterrupted sleep afterwards! And any new mom can tell you that is beyond priceless!
    I thank Grace for the brilliant light she shines in the world. And I encourage anyone who may be wondering what it’s all about to come feel the energy healing for themselves! Om, light and LOVE!

  5. As a person with no yoga experience, I was hesitant and had my own perception of what yoga would be like before I attended a class with Grace but I am truly glad I did. She was able to teach a class, with people at different experience levels, smoothly. Her support and positive energy gave me strength to go through all sorts of positions. The tone of her voice and uplifting attitude helped me relax and focus on positivity, strength, motivation and the continuous fight for good health; physically, emotionally and spiritually. She is very knowledgeable and explains how each position will benefit your health and suggests any modifications, if needed.
    I had an IET session with her, which was a great addition to the yoga class. I was able to release negative energy and any tension right from the start of the session. Yoga, meditating and deep breathing combined couldn’t release all the negative energy nearly as much as a few mins of an IET session. She was able to soothe my worries of many years during this session; things on a personal level that I never told her. I truly recommend both a yoga class and IET session with her.
    She is a wonderful person and always has a good attitude and makes you smile. ❤ her!!

  6. Amazing!! A totally relaxing and refreshing experience that gave me immediate gratification and guidance into a better life. It means so much to me to be able to connect with such a beautiful spiritual person like Grace .IET opened me up and helped me to clear and release some of the grief ,stress , fears that I have been carrying. I really enjoyed my sessions. Grace is an amazing being and I feel so blessed that I have come to know her. She is an open, compassionate and caring individual who provides a safe and warm environment. I felt completely at ease with her and immediately knew that I was meant to find her.
    Having the IET treatment was such a wonderful experience! It is hard to describe how serene it feels to be in the presence of the angels or the light feeling I experienced for days afterwards! She made me feel a lot better and gave me a lot to think about.
    I really, really liked it and can’t wait for my next session! I hope others are as lucky as I to be able to get inspiration from her.”
    Thank you Grace for a truly uplifting experience I will be forever grateful!
    I recommend it to everyone!”

  7. My experience with Grace was very gratifying. She exudes a soothing and comforting aura. After the session I felt relaxed but energized at the same time….an extraordinary experience indeed! Thank you Grace for your kind words and recommendations, which I have followed since day one!
    Keep sharing your light and gift, which are a blessing.

  8. Grace came over to my apartment for an IET session. She brought all the materials needed and just asked that I have a comfortable place to lay for a bit. What a wonderful experience! It was so nice to chat with her about the process, learn about my own energy and how it affects my every day life and health. I thought of it as a great start to getting back to positive, healing thoughts for myself and those around me. Grace is naturally a warm, positive person, so it was awesome that she came into my home with good intentions for me and my space. I felt no judgement and a soothing, warm, caring presence the entire time she was with me. I highly recommend a session. Especially to start the new year off right!

  9. I had my first IET session with Grace last weekend. It will definitely not be my last. It was my first time with IET and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was nothing short of a magnificent experience. Grace filled my home with her nurturing presence and an instant aura of healing light and love, all hokey nonsense aside, really! I’m still carrying the benefits of the session today.

    I sought out IET because I knew I needed to reenergize, cleanse within and without in order to prepare for an awesome year ahead. I instantly thought of Grace. If you’re unsure of what to expect or slightly apprehensive, don’t be, Grace has a way of putting you and any fears you may have to rest. She details the process and talks you through what she is doing, making the individual feel totally comfortable and instantly calm and peaceful.

    I highly recommend Grace to anyone who is seeking healing for your being and insight into your self. Here is my text to Grace when she asked me if I was still feeling good after my session “So good! Yes! I feel lighter if that makes sense. If I were a dirty, dusty chalkboard, now I’m a shiny, blackboard ready to be written on.”

    Enjoy & Let Go

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