Hope you are all being extra kind to yourselves and to Mother Earth on her special day.
Today is also my momma’s birthday! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!) … Just to update, I’ve been participating in a Yoga Challenge run by Revolution Fitness (www.revolutionaryfitness.org) – A donation based fitness organization servicing the underdeveloped communities in NYC through Yoga, Physical Activities indoor and outdoor and just a really down to earth, grassroots organization that BELIEVES in the positive changes that are TO COME through staying healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally.
Through the challenge, besides seeing awesome posts from the RevFit Community and through others who have joined in the challenge, I find that my own Yoga practice, schedule and time for myself has increased. I am making more of an effort to practice on my own and not try to rush or make myself crazy trying to get to too many classes when it is realistically impossible. Time with the self – OH SO IMPORTANT! Here are a few of my snapshots from INSTAGRAM. Follow me (@graceyoself) and the RevFit Community (@revfitnyc) and hashtag #letsmovetogether to join in at any time!!! This isn’t their first Yoga challenge, and it will not be their last, I am sure!

On April 14th I began my All Level Hatha Yoga Series at Excel Yoga in the Bronx (30-45 Buhre Ave. off the 6!) and will be teaching every Monday going forward from 7:15pm – 8:30pm – This is a welcoming community of teachers and students as well as their thriving Kids, Young Adult and Adult Martial Arts Family, right upstairs! This place is bustling with enthusiasm, excitement and at the same time, peace, humbleness and gratitude. Thank you Excel Yoga for this opportunity to join your family!
See you on the mat soon!















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