Happy 1st!! Juice-but-no-gin Cleanse Day 1

Happy July! YES – HAPPY. I always try to welcome the 1st day of each month with a “HAPPY” b/c I believe it sets the tone for the rest of the month. Even if you are not feeling it yet – repeating the word and visualizing a HAPPY month is SO much better then sucking your teeth about other things beyond your control. Nobody wants a eff’d up month. So just keep your mind positive as much as possible and say “No thanks!” to the crap and “HELLO!” to July, happily.
July has A LOT going on already… Joe and I have started our 7 day juice cleanse today.  For me, personally, I never tried a of juice cleanse because after being around a lot of Holistic Health Professionals, Energy Healers, Yoga teachers and such, I just always got the impression that the body shouldn’t be deprived from what it needs. But there is such a debate about it. Some agree, some disagree and I am still confused. I realized I needed to experience this for myself. I also want to support Joe who is serious about his health goals and chose the cleanse as a way to detox and renew for his start to a healthier lifestyle. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who have tried a cleanse like this and they were all pretty satisfied with the results (besides the taste of a few of the juices) So, yea. Here we go! I don’t really know what will happen. I expect that I will be hungry and cranky, yes, especially being around everyone over the holiday weekend, but this is where the Yoga, Meditation, Healing and Energy will have to be tested. I ask my physical body to lead me through a safe and healthy cleanse – and to have the intuitive knowledge to know when enough is enough, if necessary. HAPPY JULY! ❤
Day One:
  • 10:15am – Warm Almond Milk w/Turmeric and Hot Water
  • 10:30am – Life Juice OH MY GREENS Juice and water
  • 11:00 am – Lemon Zinger Herbal Tea
  • 2:30 pm – Life Juice BODACIOUS BUNNY Juice and water
  • 4:08 pm – Craving – Imagining a sandwich with cheesee, melting. Any kind of cheese. Keeping in my mind, starving children who don’t know when they will have another meal.
  • Joe is also thinking of regular food but visualizes his goals to help him. He is off from work and napping. I’ve been more productive at work (except for running to the bathroom every 20min).
  • 4:18 pm – Stomach growling louder at my desk. Breathe… Light and Love, love and light.
  • 4:46 pm – Peppermint Tea and more water, feeling a little tired.
  • 4:56 pm – Craving – Chocolate Cake. Yikes!
  • 5:22 pm – Warm Almond Milk w/Turmeric
  • -No more liquids so that I have a safe commute home in 30min.
  • 7:00 pm – Plumb and a handful of Cherries plus water (yes, we are incorporating fruit into this cleanse at least 1x a day)
  • 8:30pm – Blueprint Cashew Milk with Agave, cinnamon and Vanilla (this made my day – yes we are incorporating different juice manufacturers)
Day one, wrapped!

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