New Moon… New Season… New Everything…


I can feel SPRING in the air and was so excited to spend the afternoon this past  Saturday at Forest Park. Yes – I did ‘misplace’ my favorite running sneakers for about 3 weeks. That’s what happens when you are disorganized and have too many different bags 😦 – BUT I did find them just in time to hit the pavement and RUN… The VITAMIN D intake on Saturday’s 50 degree weather was SO GOOD for my body, mind and spirit… That energy carried all the way into Monday 3/11/13 Where we celebrated a NEW MOON in PISCES at exactly 3:51pm. THIS is where we put forth our dreams and wishes and declare what we want to manifest… It is also where we leave the unhealthy behavior and emotional patterns behind… I don’t know about you, but I am still flying from the energy of leaving 2012 behind and starting a new EVERYTHING in 2013… FRESH and NEW is kind of the theme for this year.. (as well as ‘Don’t be a jerk lol)…and if it doesn’t work, then keep it moving. There is SO MUCH going on that IS working… So keep the momentum and if you feel that LAG or that strain like things are not going according to plan…It is still ALL part of ‘THE PLAN’— IT IS GOING TO BE OKAY. You are protected and supported more than you can ever imagine.. Remember that nothing is PERMANENT (thanks Chrystel). Breathe and welcome [ALMOST] to SPRING!!!




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