When I was training for my Yoga Teaching Certification, I really DID NOT enjoy having to practice at home for some reason. I think its because I love feeding off the energy of other people…BUT when I finally did set up my mat in my room and forced myself to just DO IT… I got to know myself and manifest my OWN practice. I learned SO MUCH just from those moments where I pushed harder and when I began to slack haha. Create that sacred space for yourself, because you deserve it! Even if its just the place where you keep your yoga mat, a pillow or a couple of books with a candle or a statue of a deity or anything that brings you comfort and peace. My fellow Yoga Teacher and dearest Soul Sister Chrystel set up her sacred space in her home and I just had to share. She recently gave birth to my niece, Anjali (sanskrit meaning for divine offering)… This space, IS Anjali. 🙂 Create your space and get to the core of YOU.. Know YOself!


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