Some upcoming classes/schedule/updates/fun stuff:

-FREE YOGA CLASS with me on Thursday, May 15th from 7pm – 9pm at Dave’s WEAR House! 123 Baxter St !! BYOMat. Open to all.. Look out for the invite and get there as early as you can to secure your spot! 

-LAST YOGA CLASS AT ST. JOHNS for the semester is TOMORROW! If any of you Johnnies didn’t get to make it this semester, tomorrow is the last class at noon! Starting in June, I’ll be teaching Thursday mornings on the lawn at 7:30am!! More info TBA!
-MONDAYS at Excel Yoga have been such a gift. Won’t you join us?? Your first class is FREE. Every Monday at 7:15pm. Yoga Levels 1 and 2. 30-45 Buhre Ave., BX. 

-HEALING CIRCLE! Next Friday, May 16th I will be leading a HEALING and MEDITATION circle, open to all, by donation at the Yogashakti Yoga Center & Yoga Teachers Training Institute at 7:30pm. (114-25 Lefferts Blvd, South Ozone Park).. This is a great way to end the week, relax, recharge and renew. All donations will go towards the building and structuring of our City Of Light Sanctuary Meditation Hall in Upstate NY! 

Have a beautiful weekend to all moms, moms to be, godmothers, mother-figures, 2nd mothers, 3rd mothers and everyone!!!

❤ in a half moon pose…





Hope you are all being extra kind to yourselves and to Mother Earth on her special day.
Today is also my momma’s birthday! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!) … Just to update, I’ve been participating in a Yoga Challenge run by Revolution Fitness ( – A donation based fitness organization servicing the underdeveloped communities in NYC through Yoga, Physical Activities indoor and outdoor and just a really down to earth, grassroots organization that BELIEVES in the positive changes that are TO COME through staying healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally.
Through the challenge, besides seeing awesome posts from the RevFit Community and through others who have joined in the challenge, I find that my own Yoga practice, schedule and time for myself has increased. I am making more of an effort to practice on my own and not try to rush or make myself crazy trying to get to too many classes when it is realistically impossible. Time with the self – OH SO IMPORTANT! Here are a few of my snapshots from INSTAGRAM. Follow me (@graceyoself) and the RevFit Community (@revfitnyc) and hashtag #letsmovetogether to join in at any time!!! This isn’t their first Yoga challenge, and it will not be their last, I am sure!

On April 14th I began my All Level Hatha Yoga Series at Excel Yoga in the Bronx (30-45 Buhre Ave. off the 6!) and will be teaching every Monday going forward from 7:15pm – 8:30pm – This is a welcoming community of teachers and students as well as their thriving Kids, Young Adult and Adult Martial Arts Family, right upstairs! This place is bustling with enthusiasm, excitement and at the same time, peace, humbleness and gratitude. Thank you Excel Yoga for this opportunity to join your family!
See you on the mat soon!















CHANGE YO SELF! Welcome to 2014!

And what a whirlwind of change we are all already experiencing already! I myself have fallen victim to the overall rush of the holidays, plus feeling like I am always LATE or in a time crunch since the new year started. I was in LA with family and Joe (his first trip to the West Coast!) and got felt sooo at ease. Some highlights below! We hit the beach a few times between San Diego and Redondo and slept til noon every day (which was really 3pm East Coast time – whoops!)… Since coming back to work, my eye bags have returned and my contacts feel dry!

I’ve decided to slow down this weekend and return to my Yoga Practice before I became a teacher + energy worker. I used to go to class at least 3x a week and now I can barely make it to 2 (on time). So for the sake of myself, those around me and my overall practice of Yoga, life, energy work, I will be taking some time out to reflect this weekend and go to Yoga. I am going to try not to be on social media too too much!!! 

Not just for this weekend, but in general for the rest of the year. Writing it down now, is kind of like planting a seed, so I will hold myself to it! Even if this plan to go 3-4 times a week does not play out, at least the intention of wanting to change and improve my own practice will be in my head and heart. Change is always coming, so I try to never get used to what is happening in the now – although it is important to acknowledge, things are never, ever going to be permanent. 

Love, light and HAPPIEST FRIDAY family! 

If you are interested in a healing session this year, all you have to do is ask! Even if you are not sure, read the information in the IET session or just hit me up! ❤ 

-GH ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage



In celebration of National Yoga month, Yoga at RDCC is welcoming ALL of you to a FREE WEEK of Yoga between 9/22 – 9/29!! That is 4 classes in total. All you have to do is show up! This FREE WEEK of Yoga begins this Sunday 9/22 at 8:30am! 

The following classes are FREE and OPEN for all to attend: 
Sunday 9/22 – 8:30am 
Tuesday 9/24 – 7:30pm 
Thursday 9/26 – 7:30pm 
Sunday 9/29 – 8:30am (last OPEN/FREE class) 

All classes are open to ALL levels. Beginners are highly encouraged.

YOGA BONUS! Come to class between 9/22-9/29 and sign up for a 5-class-pack for ONLY $30!!! (Valid October 1st – October 31st only; must attend one of the FREE Yoga classes and be present to sign up). 
Don’t miss out on FREE YOGA and a great affordable opportunity to continue your Yoga practice! Whether you can make it to 1 class or all 4, we look forward to seeing you and welcoming you to RDCC! 


Yoga and Surf Retreat at Rockaway Beach – August 3rd! 10am-3pm

I’m so happy to team up with the Aloha NYC Surf School for a series of Yoga & Surf Retreats beginning August 3rd! When I started surfing last summer I had such an AMAZING experience. I learned the fundamentals of paddling, swimming, controlling myself and the board, but also in falling and feeling defeated, I learned to get back up! Every wave is not the same. Every Yoga pose is not the same. Nothing is perfect and nothing will ever entirely be perfect but our experiences, especially during defeat, are lessons we must learn to continue on and ‘ride the wave,’ to hold the Yoga pose and to get back up when we fall! 

Yoga and Surfing make such an awesome pair. They both help with mental focus and can improve balance and physical strength. If you’re all about FUN and being challenged while empowering yourself (and getting lots of cardio!) please hang with us at the beach for this retreat. You will learn a lot about the ocean and about yourself! 

Here is our tentative schedule for August 3rd.

9:30am – 10:00am: Check In
10:00am – 11:00am: Morning Yoga – We will focus on poses to help open up the hips, warm up the lower back, and strengthen the arms preparing us for our surf lesson.
11:00am – 12:15pm – Break for lunch
12:30pm – 2:00pm – Surf Lessons with Aloha NYC 
2:00pm – 3:30pm – Gentle Yoga, End of Day Meditation & Relaxation – We will do some restorative poses and stretches to wind down and relax before ending the day. 

Retreat Fees: $125 per person. 
-Includes surf boards, wet suits, Yoga Classes and Surf Lessons. 

What to Bring: A beach towel, sunblock, Yoga mat if you have one and your lunch. We will have water but feel free to bring a cooler with whatever else you may need for the day. 

The Yoga classes and surf lessons will all happen on 60th Street in Rockaway Beach. It is an honor to be back at Rockaway. You will feel the community is stronger and determined to continue to rebuild this area that was hit so hard by Hurricane Sandy. 

To secure your spot please email 
and leave a $20 deposit via Paypal by visiting:
(For Notes put: Yoga and Surf August 3rd) 
Your balance will be due the day of the retreat.

Any questions please email 

*If you’re interested in group Surf lessons, or private surf lessons, Aloha nyc surf school is offering a $20 discount if you mention GRACE or SUZETTE. Mention you saw this on Facebook and get $20 off your first lesson! Image

I have spydee smelling senses – Juice-but-no-gin Cleanse Day 2!

Day 2 – 7/2/13

  • 9:45 am – Hot water and Lemon
  • 10:00 am – Vega One All-In-One Nutritional Shake (Vanilla Chai) with cold Almond Milk  -This was just as good as Blueprint’s Cashew Milk and tasted almost like a vanilla milkshake. It is what I am using as a protein supplement. With working full-time and teaching and practicing Yoga plus keeping up with my IET practice, I just need to make sure I am covered as far as vitamins, minerals and protein during this cleanse. We are both taking protein in the form of shakes daily to make sure we don’t pass out. This powder is plant based using all natural ingredients, dairy and gluten free!
  • 11:02 am – Feeling good. Not hungry and not full. Just right.
  • 12:02 pm – I miss you, sandwiches.
  • 12:15 pm – LoveGrace Green Sunshine Juice
  • 12:50 pm – Lunch time is probably the most challenging. I want to rip people’s food out of their hands, sort of. There are so many smells in the elevator. I feel like I have spydee sense and know what everyone has in their bags.
  • 2:16 pm – Celery Sticks, water and lemon. Walked to Amish Market for Blueprint Cashew Milk and there was only one left. I almost had a meltdown. Joe is on a mission checking Fairway and Whole Foods in Westchester for it. Also picked up more Vega One All-in-One mix – in chocolate!
  • 2:29 pm – I miss you, salad.
  • 2:42 pm – I took my time eating a plumb.
  • 2:43 pm – Joe just text me with best news all day! He hit the jackpot with Blueprint Cashew Milk at Whole Foods!
  • 3:30 pm – Peppermint Tea
  • 5:00 pm – Life Juice BODACIOUS BUNNY – Last drink before heading to RDCC to teach Yoga at 7:30pm. Feeling better than I did yesterday at this time.
  • 7:00 pm – A bottle of water as I make my way to teach Yoga at 7:30pm.
  • 8:45 pm – 2 cherries as I drive to Apna Bazaar in Richmond Hill to get raw cashews (Gigi and I are going to make our own cashew milk!)
  • 9:15 pm – Whipped up my protein in a blender with coconut water and a little almond milk and had 2 chunks of watermelon.

I missed food more today than yesterday, but I am looking forward to getting over day 3… Day 2, wrapped! 

Happy 1st!! Juice-but-no-gin Cleanse Day 1

Happy July! YES – HAPPY. I always try to welcome the 1st day of each month with a “HAPPY” b/c I believe it sets the tone for the rest of the month. Even if you are not feeling it yet – repeating the word and visualizing a HAPPY month is SO much better then sucking your teeth about other things beyond your control. Nobody wants a eff’d up month. So just keep your mind positive as much as possible and say “No thanks!” to the crap and “HELLO!” to July, happily.
July has A LOT going on already… Joe and I have started our 7 day juice cleanse today.  For me, personally, I never tried a of juice cleanse because after being around a lot of Holistic Health Professionals, Energy Healers, Yoga teachers and such, I just always got the impression that the body shouldn’t be deprived from what it needs. But there is such a debate about it. Some agree, some disagree and I am still confused. I realized I needed to experience this for myself. I also want to support Joe who is serious about his health goals and chose the cleanse as a way to detox and renew for his start to a healthier lifestyle. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who have tried a cleanse like this and they were all pretty satisfied with the results (besides the taste of a few of the juices) So, yea. Here we go! I don’t really know what will happen. I expect that I will be hungry and cranky, yes, especially being around everyone over the holiday weekend, but this is where the Yoga, Meditation, Healing and Energy will have to be tested. I ask my physical body to lead me through a safe and healthy cleanse – and to have the intuitive knowledge to know when enough is enough, if necessary. HAPPY JULY! ❤
Day One:
  • 10:15am – Warm Almond Milk w/Turmeric and Hot Water
  • 10:30am – Life Juice OH MY GREENS Juice and water
  • 11:00 am – Lemon Zinger Herbal Tea
  • 2:30 pm – Life Juice BODACIOUS BUNNY Juice and water
  • 4:08 pm – Craving – Imagining a sandwich with cheesee, melting. Any kind of cheese. Keeping in my mind, starving children who don’t know when they will have another meal.
  • Joe is also thinking of regular food but visualizes his goals to help him. He is off from work and napping. I’ve been more productive at work (except for running to the bathroom every 20min).
  • 4:18 pm – Stomach growling louder at my desk. Breathe… Light and Love, love and light.
  • 4:46 pm – Peppermint Tea and more water, feeling a little tired.
  • 4:56 pm – Craving – Chocolate Cake. Yikes!
  • 5:22 pm – Warm Almond Milk w/Turmeric
  • -No more liquids so that I have a safe commute home in 30min.
  • 7:00 pm – Plumb and a handful of Cherries plus water (yes, we are incorporating fruit into this cleanse at least 1x a day)
  • 8:30pm – Blueprint Cashew Milk with Agave, cinnamon and Vanilla (this made my day – yes we are incorporating different juice manufacturers)
Day one, wrapped!


Free Yoga on Beach 96th St. / Rockaway Beach

Welcome to Summer! I’m so sorry that I skipped posting in Spring! The last post was about a ‘new season’ but um.. yes, here we are again.. in a NEW season! This summer I will be  at Rockaway Beach every Saturday teaching at YOGA ON THE ROCKS at Beach 92nd Street! Right now my class will be at 11am – but stay tuned for the start date. My dearest friend and studio owner, Lena is away volunteering in Vietnam! More details on class schedules to come soon. For now, I am SOOOO honored by the response we’ve been getting from our Groupon deal with Yoga at the Red Dawn Combat Club. We have some new members that came aboard within the last few months and it’s been so much fun meeting everyone! Besides the Yoga at RDCC Classes, I am still open to teaching private classes. Next week I will be teaching a class for Dylan’s 6th Birthday! Thank you Trin and Den for letting me be part of his Superhero Birthday!

This Sunday, I will be taking the next level of my Integrated Energy Therapy Training. It’s been about 8 months since my first training. Practicing and seeing all of you for sessions has helped me tremendously. It is a beautiful thing to help yourself and others. Thank you for trusting me with everything. I am so glad that our paths have crossed. I hope to see you all again soon!

Coming up for SUMMER 2013? More Everything! More Yoga. Surfing. Stand Up Paddleboard. Yoga + Surf Retreat at Rockaway. Running. 5k. Yoga on the Rocks. Energy Healing. Healing healing healing. Just. Do. Everything. Now. Use the energy of this summer to the best of your ability. Let go of the Winter and Spring ‘heaviness’ (mental and emotional) and challenge yourself! Learn. Fall. Get Up. Move on. You ARE supported.

Shout out to NY Surf School who not only helped us out last summer, but played a MAJOR role in recovery efforts for Hurricane Sandy. Namaste. Lots of love Frank and the entire staff of NY Surf School. 

*To learn more about an IET Session with me, please check the IET section of this site or email me directly at


New Moon… New Season… New Everything…


I can feel SPRING in the air and was so excited to spend the afternoon this past  Saturday at Forest Park. Yes – I did ‘misplace’ my favorite running sneakers for about 3 weeks. That’s what happens when you are disorganized and have too many different bags 😦 – BUT I did find them just in time to hit the pavement and RUN… The VITAMIN D intake on Saturday’s 50 degree weather was SO GOOD for my body, mind and spirit… That energy carried all the way into Monday 3/11/13 Where we celebrated a NEW MOON in PISCES at exactly 3:51pm. THIS is where we put forth our dreams and wishes and declare what we want to manifest… It is also where we leave the unhealthy behavior and emotional patterns behind… I don’t know about you, but I am still flying from the energy of leaving 2012 behind and starting a new EVERYTHING in 2013… FRESH and NEW is kind of the theme for this year.. (as well as ‘Don’t be a jerk lol)…and if it doesn’t work, then keep it moving. There is SO MUCH going on that IS working… So keep the momentum and if you feel that LAG or that strain like things are not going according to plan…It is still ALL part of ‘THE PLAN’— IT IS GOING TO BE OKAY. You are protected and supported more than you can ever imagine.. Remember that nothing is PERMANENT (thanks Chrystel). Breathe and welcome [ALMOST] to SPRING!!!